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Learning that you are under investigation by the federal government can be terrifying. What should you do? How should you handle yourself?

If you or someone you are associated with is under investigation by any federal government agency, it is imperative to speak to a federal criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Craig Trainor is experienced in representing clients who are under investigation by the government. Please call our law firm today at 212-300-6557 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation.

If you even suspect you may be under investigation by FBI, DEA, ATF, IRS or any other federal agency, the first thing you need to do is contact a lawyer. Next, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not destroy documents
  • Do not delete files
  • Do not speak to anyone other than your attorney about the investigation or the topic being investigated (People you speak to can be required to testify in court about these conversations. The conversations themselves may lead to conspiracy charges.)
  • Do not speak to a federal agent without a lawyer at your side

Why You Need a Lawyer

If the federal government wants to talk with you, the stakes are high. Well-meaning people with nothing to hide can find themselves facing federal charges after they speak to investigators. Inadvertent statements can limit your options and lead to criminal charges. A federal criminal defense attorney can protect your rights and your best interests.

How You Know Your Are Under Investigation

There are several ways you may learn that you are under investigation by the government.

    • A letter: You may receive a letter indicating that the federal government considers you a (1) witness, (2) a subject, or, worse, (3) a target of its investigation.
    • A call: An investigator may contact you directly.
    • A visit: An investigator may come to your home or place of business. If you are not there, the agent may leave a card with a message asking you to get in touch.
    • A subpoena: An agent may send your business a subpoena for records.
    • A search warrant: Government agents may appear at your door with a warrant to search your home or place of business.
    • Someone you know: A friend or associate may contact you and say a government agent called them and asked questions about you. You may get a call from an agent asking for information about someone you know. In either case, it is time to consult a lawyer.

In all of these situations, you should contact a lawyer before speaking to federal agents.

What Is Your Status?

Federal investigators classify people of interest as belonging to one of three categories:

    • Witness: This is someone who may have information about an issue that the agency is interested in knowing. It is the least worrisome category for an individual.
    • Subject: This is someone who may or may not be involved in an alleged criminal act. While you are not the target of the investigation, the government believes you may have knowledge of and perhaps involvement in criminal behavior.
    • Target: The agency is building a criminal case against this person. Once they have adequate evidence, they will make an arrest. The target then becomes a criminal defendant.

Your status can change at any time as the investigation proceeds. You can easily move from a witness to a subject or a target depending on what the investigators uncover, what other people say about you, or what you tell the investigators.

Federal criminal defense attorney Craig Trainor will contact the prosecutor to determine your status and work to minimize the potential negative consequences to you. Our law firm can help at any stage of a government investigation, from pre-indictment to trial.

If you are concerned about a government investigation, call at 212-300-6557 or contact us online for your free consultation. We defend clients involved in federal government investigations throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, and Westchester County.

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    Attorneys understand that a federal judge clerkship is a highly sought-after position. Mr. Trainor has used this experience to inform his work on behalf of those accused of crimes or harmed by police brutality and misconduct. The federal clerkship gave Mr. Trainor a keen understanding of how to build a winning case in federal court. He understands court procedures inside out and knows what types of arguments and evidence are persuasive.


    Mr. Trainor prosecuted hundreds of cases against people accused of crimes ranging from assault to identity theft to shoplifting to drug dealing. His criminal defense clients benefit from the insider’s perspective he gained in this position.

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    Mr. Trainor spent three years focusing exclusively on defense of sophisticated white collar crimes, from public corruption to securities fraud. White collar criminal cases are highly complex and technically challenging. All of Mr. Trainor’s clients benefit from the depth of knowledge he has in financial crimes, investigation, and the use of experts in case development.

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