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Criminal Defense Lawyer Defending Clients Charges with Drug Related Crimes throughout New York City

For years, New York had some of the strictest drug laws in the nation, with mandatory minimum sentences even for relatively low-level offenses.

New York drug laws are still tough, but today judges have more discretion and sentencing options, such as judicial diversion. There is more opportunity for lawyers to negotiate with prosecutors. To achieve a positive outcome, however, you need a criminal defense attorney experienced with fighting drug charges by your side.

Former Assistant District Attorney, A Lawyer With an Insider’s Perspective

Manhattan criminal defense lawyer Craig Trainor will protect your rights and pursue the best possible outcome in drug-related cases. A former assistant district attorney, he understands how the state builds a case against suspects. This insight allows him to develop an effective strategy for your defense.

If you have been arrested for a drug-related crime, please call 212-300-6557 or contact us online  as soon as possible. We offer a free consultation and represent clients who have been charged with drug crimes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island and beyond.

Our criminal defense attorney, Craig Trainor aggressively defends clients charged with offenses involving all types of controlled substances, including:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Ecstasy
  • LSD
  • Marijuana
  • Oxycodone
  • Oxycontin

Suppression of Evidence

Whether you have been charged with possession of a small amount of marijuana or trafficking large quantities of cocaine, cases involving drugs revolve around the evidence. Attorney Craig Trainor has been successful in getting drug crime cases dismissed against his clients.

How did the police obtain the evidence against you? A thorough review of the facts of the case may reveal that the evidence was obtained through an illegal search and seizure. We will investigate to determine:

  • Was a search warrant issued?
  • If so, was it properly issued?
  • If evidence was found in a vehicle, did police have probable cause to make the stop?
  • Is the substance really what the state alleges it to be?
  • Was the evidence handled correctly or were there chain of custody errors?
  • Were confessions or admissions obtained illegally?

You Are in Charge of Your Case

We will pursue the best possible outcome for you, whether that means a dismissal, an attractive plea agreement, or a not guilty verdict at trial. Based on his training and years of experience, Attorney Craig Trainor will advise you of your options. He will give you his best legal opinion on your probability of success, and the legal option to pursue. You, however, remain in charge of your case. You will decide whether to accept a plea arrangement or go to trial.

Our law firm represents people from all walks of life, from college students to professional people, who have been charged with drug offenses, such as:

  • Criminal possession of a controlled substance, 1st-7th degree
  • Criminal sale of a controlled substance, 1st-5th degree
  • Use of a child to commit a controlled substance offense
  • Operating as a major trafficker
  • Criminal sale of a controlled substance in or near school grounds

If you or a family member is facing drug charges in NYC, please call 212-300-6557 or contact The Trainor Law Firm, P.C., online. We defend clients charged with drug related crimes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, and Westchester County.

Mr. Trainor has a unique set of skills and experience that position him
for success in your case


    Attorneys understand that a federal judge clerkship is a highly sought-after position. Mr. Trainor has used this experience to inform his work on behalf of those accused of crimes or harmed by police brutality and misconduct. The federal clerkship gave Mr. Trainor a keen understanding of how to build a winning case in federal court. He understands court procedures inside out and knows what types of arguments and evidence are persuasive.


    Mr. Trainor prosecuted hundreds of cases against people accused of crimes ranging from assault to identity theft to shoplifting to drug dealing. His criminal defense clients benefit from the insider’s perspective he gained in this position.

  • Federal and State Investigations

    Mr. Trainor spent three years focusing exclusively on defense of sophisticated white collar crimes, from public corruption to securities fraud. White collar criminal cases are highly complex and technically challenging. All of Mr. Trainor’s clients benefit from the depth of knowledge he has in financial crimes, investigation, and the use of experts in case development.

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